About Net Zero Energy Vermont
Net Zero Energy Vermont is a multi-author blog focusing on what it will take — in business, energy, building, transportation and other climate change sectors — for Vermont to become the first zero energy state.

Our goal is to educate, cajole, amuse and otherwise stimulate change in the public conversation, the physical capacity and ultimately the political will needed to support climate change mitigation, altered energy use and a revitalized economy for Vermont.

The authors of this blog each earn a living in the industries they write about, however, each author is writing about his/her own experiences and not in reference to their company or organization. If an author references a specific company with which s/he has a financial relationship, a disclosure statement similar to the following will be included in the post:

*This post references {insert company name}, which I am involved with in a professional capacity.

All authors, including guest bloggers, are asked to be fair and open-minded in what they are writing about and to honor transparency, which allows readers to make their own conclusions. Although the authors are all members of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, the views expressed here are solely those of the individual authors.

Creative Commons License
All content on the Net Zero Energy Vermont blog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License 3.0 to share as much as you like. Please attribute to Net Zero Energy Vermont and link to Net Zero Energy Vermont blog (http://www.netzeroenergyvt.net).

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