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Bill Gates and Zero, A Second Take

Pat Heffernan on March 26, 2010

When I first viewed Bill Gates’ presentation on the importance of Zero, I quickly tweeted and posted a link to the Gates’  2010 TED conference video to share my dismay and so others could watch for themselves. As excited as I was by Gates’ endorsement of the importance of getting to zero emissions, I was [...]


This is a clear and fascinating explanation of the CO2 challenge and why we must do something about reaching net zero, starting now. Personally though, it’s distressing to hear that rather than pursue renewable energy and battery technology solutions, a to-me frightening new nuclear technology has caught Bill Gates’ attention. My mind is having difficulty [...]

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Should we, as Vermonters, be congratulating ourselves for leadership in the green economy and creating a renewable energy future? Van Jones, former green jobs czar of the Obama administration, thought so when speaking at the 2009 Vermont Business Expo. But is this deserved? I am not so sure. Yes, we all can point to great [...]


4 Steps to Effective Change for a Net Zero Vermont

Pat Heffernan on August 5, 2009

Deep down we all probably recognize that despite good intentions and occasional spurts of progress, the lifestyle changes needed to successfully lower carbon footprints and increase energy efficiency will not be easy. We’ve seen and heard it many times: Old habits die hard. How can we make and sustain the change needed to help Vermont [...]